Service Apartment and Party Venue

Service Apartment and Party Venue
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For your Memorable Occasions

At Le Mint, we pride ourselves on providing a unique blend of services that cater to your special occasions and comfortable stays. Whether you're celebrating a joyous union or seeking a relaxing escape.

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At LeMint, we understand that life's moments deserve to be cherished. That's why we go above and beyond to create an atmosphere of beauty, comfort, and convenience. Join us as we turn your events into memories and your stays into stories. Mainly we provide 2 services which are Service Apartment and Party Venue

Service Apartment and Party Venue

Customers Say

Customers frequently share their delight in the magical and memorable occasions hosted at LeMint. Whether it's a dream wedding or a milestone celebration, guests have expressed how LeMint's meticulous event planning and exquisite venues turned their visions into reality.

Le Mint's marriage hall transformed our wedding day into a masterpiece of beauty and sophistication.

Service Apartment and Party Venue
Mrs. Suganthi Murugan

and Family

A heartfelt thank you to LeMint for an unforgettable stay in their service apartment.

Service Apartment and Party Venue
Mr. David

Event Organizer

Hosting our corporate event at LeMint was a decision we'll never regret.

Service Apartment and Party Venue
Anderson Enterprises

Private Organization

Effortless Event Planning

A perfect venue is the backbone for a truly unforgettable event. No matter whether you’re dreaming of an intimate private gathering or a luxurious celebration, we “Le Mint” here to guide you towards the most suitable choice based on your needs. So be assured that this choice will give you a complete satisfaction and unforgettable sweet memories even after years of the occasion.

Our detailed tariff page offers a variety of services to fit your needs and convenience, simply go to the Tariff page and choose with our diverse range of services that customized for your event to perfection. Whether you need solely a Space, chairs and generators, Decorations, Tent and Catering Veg/Non Veg, we have you covered. So, just unburden yourself of ‘what ifs?’ Just unlock the perfect option together.