Wedding / Party Lawn

Open Space or Green Lawn for Events, Weddings, Parties, and Special Occasions

Open Space or Green Lawn for Events, Weddings, Parties, and Special Occasions

LeMint is a premier hospitality and event venue that offers a range of services, including elegant marriage halls, thoughtfully furnished service apartments, and expert event planning. Known for its attention to detail, exceptional service, and commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. We provide Open Space or Green Lawn for Events, Weddings, Parties, and Special Occasions.

Wedding/Party Lawn

No matter if you prefer a simple or grand wedding, Marriage is definitely not an ordinary affair. As we aware of it we make sure that our wedding venue should not be ordinary. So you can be sure that the venue that we have arranged for the wedding function will be fantastic and it will give you a wonderful experience beyond your expectations.

Our Party Lawn provides a verdant setting for cheerful memory. It is true that we feel joy and excitement when an event takes place. But what keep that memory alive forever in our mind and heart are the photographs. That's why we have made wonderful arrangements with greenery surrounding to keep your happy memories alive forever. You can be sure that these arrangements will keep your memories fresh forever. As we host verity of events, be assured of taking the Cherished memories with you forever.

Lawn Features:

  • LeMint's meticulously designed lawn is a natural extension of our commitment to creating exceptional experiences. With lush green surroundings and an ambiance that exudes tranquility, our lawn serves as a versatile outdoor venue that's perfect for a variety of events. From weddings and receptions to corporate gatherings and social celebrations, LeMint's lawn provides a picturesque backdrop that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. With attention to every detail, our lawn offers a seamless blend of nature's beauty and modern amenities, ensuring that your event is not only memorable but also set against a backdrop that enhances its charm.

  • LeMint offers a range of party and event spaces, each designed to accommodate varying group sizes and preferences. Our flexible spaces are thoughtfully crafted to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience for your guests. Here's an overview of our event space capacity: Marriage Hall: Lawn: Outdoor Lawn: Ideal for open-air events, accommodating up to 200 guests

  • LeMint is the ideal destination for a wide range of occasions, each infused with a touch of elegance, warmth, and sophistication. Our versatile event spaces and exceptional services are designed to cater to various celebrations and gatherings. Here are just a few of the occasions that LeMint can seamlessly accommodate:
    1. Weddings
    2. Engagement Parties
    3. Anniversaries
    4. Birthday Celebrations
    5. Corporate Gatherings
    6. Family Reunions
    7. Social Celebrations
    8. Cultural Events
    9. Holiday Parties
    No matter the occasion, LeMint's commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to creating magical moments ensures that your event will be nothing short of exceptional.

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